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2016-11-05 03:03 pm
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Raven's Shadow Trilogy - Anthony Ryan

Book 1: Blood Song
Book 2: Tower Lord
Book 3: Queen of Fire
Set in a world of Empires and mysterious magical "gifts", the story follows Vaelin Al Sorna, the son of the once-Battle Lord of the Unified Realm as he makes his way through the religious order known as the Faith, makes a name for himself as a swordsman, and discovers he and everyone around him are merely pawns in a much, much bigger game.

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2016-11-04 06:19 pm
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Finished Reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Last Night

To give a little background, I am a 25 year old male. My parent actually discouraged me from reading growing up. Never let me have books at all. In college I started buying books to read but never did read them. So I have a small collection of books I never read, and never told anyone. Now of course I can read pretty well. I had to read and study a lot in college. I went to a Big 10 school, so there was always things I had to read, BUT I never picked up a book to read for fun and finish it, until now, ever. I stayed up last night until 4 am finishing it. I did and I am so proud of myself, you can always change if you put your mind to it. I loved the book and will be purchasing the next one today. Just wanted to share a small win today.